About Arisha

 Hi there , I am Arisha , I am creative , life loving , multi tasking mother to 4 awesome children whom I home educate with my partner, ( who is a rather wonderful artist, stone mason, tailor and father to our lovely brood ) .  I love to make , crochet ,knit,  sew , paint and dream unique works of art.  What I make really varies from week to week and month to month as I follow my inspirational flow.  I am inspired on a daily basis by my exuberant children , the natural environment and colours and how they go together . I adore making Waldorf dolls and natural toys as well as kids clothing amongst other things! ( Visit my etsy shop www.mooncatdreamdesigns.etsy.com to see more of what I make and do). This little blog is a place I can share my inspirations about giving thanks and making a positive change in the world, starting with ourselves! Here I can share with you some inspirations, insight and experiences, mostly on the subject of gratitude. Practicing giving thanks on a daily basis has improved my life so much, and has enabled me to transform challenging experiences to positive ones. I think that giving thanks on a daily basis is one of the most magical and transformative things you can do to improve your life and become happier and have more peace of heart. I hope that this little blog can reach someone, somewhere and help them as so many people have helped and inspired me.Thanks for reading, Arisha x


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