Becoming a Waldorf doll maker!

   So, looking back on this year, 2016, one of my biggest achievements and also biggest joys has to be that I became a doll maker! I was drawn to make a Waldorf doll for each of my smallest children, and literally fell in love with the process! I began researching lots of books and tutorials and tips about making these beautiful natural toys and started my doll making journey! I soon felt happy enough with the quality of the dolls I was producing to list some for sale in my etsy shop, and to my complete joy, they began to sell!
   I am lucky enough to have lots of supportive friends who have commissioned me to make dolls for their little ones too, so even though I only began making these sweeties this summer 2016, I have already sold quite a few.
   I feel like I have found my dream job and I quite simply cannot stop making Waldorf dolls! I remember clearly when I left school, not really having a clue about 'what I wanted to do when I grew up' and I give so many thanks for the years between then and now, travelling, adventures, falling in love, having babies, starting my little business selling handmade hemp yoga mat bags, then handmade children's clothing, and finally, aged 37 finding out what I really really want to do and doing that! I feel so fortunate, and I probably would never have dreamed back then, aged 16 that my dream job was doll maker!

If you would like to see more of my dolls or purchase one, please visit my shop            
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