A beautiful experience from a challenging one!

Today I am grateful for a beautiful, positive experience that followed a challenging one! I was in the supermarket today with my two smallest children. My little boy Phoenix saw the kid's comics and grabbed one with particularly garish plastic toys attached to the front. I told him I was not going to buy the comic, and then followed a total screaming meltdown. My boy went red in the face and screamed extremely loudly. I knelt down and held him while he screamed, then after a bit, I picked him up and held him close in my arms, cuddling and making soothing noises. He calmed down and we continued round the shop.
   When we got home my 6 year old daughter Kiya started bustling round the house collecting items. About half an hour later she appeared with a homemade comic for her little brother consisting of lots of her own drawings bound together and a few of her own little toys attached to the front! Phoenix was very excited about it and loved every minute of Kiya showing him all the pages and telling him the story of her drawings! I was so moved by her love and creativity and realized that if I had simply given in in the shop to avoid a tantrum, we would have missed out on the beautiful creation that Kiya made! I give so many thanks for the experience of being present while my son expressed his big feelings, I give thanks for him feeling safe enough to express himself then moving on and getting over it,  and I give thanks for the sweet generous spirit of my daughter, soothing his hurt with her creations and love!
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  1. That's so precious!!!! Such a lovely Soul Full Children!!! Blessed Be!!! x

    1. Thank you so much Trish! I am a lucky Mama for sure!!!