Following the golden thread of the perfect flow

   Do you ever feel like you are trying to ice skate uphill? Something that I have learned the hard way over the years, is that if I try to push against the natural flow of the day, then it really does feel like trying to swim upstream. If I have a certain amount of things that I 'have' to get done that day, and I steam ahead even if I have really low energy that day, or the kids need me more than usual, or my instinct is screaming at me not to do it, then things do not go right, obstacles happen all over the place and the day does not flow in a balanced way.
   I am learning to listen with a kind of sixth sense to the natural, balanced flow through each moment of my day. It is like a little voice in my heart that prompts me to be where I am supposed to be and do what I am supposed to be doing. Of course there are some times when you do have to keep going even when you don't feel like it, but what I am talking about is like a delicate golden thread that gently pulls you forward into the right places and situations. If you listen and follow it, you find magic happening around you on a daily basis, and things just feel 'right'!
   My children are all very good at naturally following their perfect flow's. They are great teachers to me. Due to the nature of our homeschooling environment, they get to do much more of what they feel like doing, rather than being forced into a prescribed format against their flow. I see them move seamlessly from one activity to the next, without any force or strain. They naturally follow their own golden thread of the perfect flow. They come to me when they need something (a question answered, some stationary or art materials, a website recommendation, food etc) but mostly they go about their day's, studying, learning, and playing without any hesitation. I watch them in awe of how self contained they are and how easily aligned with their own natural perfect flow.
   To sum up, when we listen to, and act upon the gentle tug of our own personal golden thread of perfect natural flow, things feel 'right' and much easier. When we ignore the gentle tug and pull in the other direction, things feel difficult, like we are bashing our head's against a brick wall, and simply not 'right'. If you start to really tune in and feel for your golden thread each day from moment to moment, you may find your life becoming less like an uphill struggle and more like drifting gently down the stream!

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