Thankful for the breath of Spring

   Today I am thankful for the promise of spring. The sweet sounds of the birds busy with their nest building. The yellow daffodils springing up everywhere. The fact that it is not completely necessary to do coats up. The quality of the sunlight subtly changing. The energy of spring permeating my being. I feel so much more energetic and full of creative ideas. My sewing machine has barely stopped as I create new ranges for my etsy shop and new outfits for my little people. I feel a kind of slow anticipation building as the weather gets warmer and I know that full on spring is just around the corner!
   Although autumn is my absolute favourite season, I find myself enjoying spring more and more as I get older. I love the Easter crafting with my kids, and the flowers starting to bloom. I love trips to the bluebell woods and seeing lambs everywhere! Most of all I give thanks for the sheer power of nature, the constant turn of the seasons, for Mother Nature ever abundant, and the promise of the return of the sun!

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