Walking in the rain

Today I am grateful for waterproof clothing and adventurous spirit! It does not have to be a sunny day to go out adventuring with your children, in fact, I think it is a good idea to get out in every weather to experience the different feelings of rain, wind, sun and everything in between on our skin! I feel that in this time of more and more screen based work, leisure and play, we must make time to get outside as much as possible! When we reconnect with nature, we feel calmer, happier and less stressed out. I have noticed over the years of raising my children, that if there is fighting, bickering or impatience with each other, almost always, a trip out into the nature, or even simply a walk into town is the solution for everyone to feel better!
   Being outdoors in nature and seeing green all about, has such a calming effect. It is also a great way to have time to talk and share with each other as a family. It always seems to be easier to talk about a difficult subject whilst walking. We have found as home educators, that we cover such an extensive range of topics while we are out walking, and somehow information really goes in, more than covering the same topics sitting at a desk.
   In short, being outdoors, particularly out in nature is a fantastic way to reconnect with each other and to nature herself, and everyone comes home feeling refreshed and ready for the next part of the day! Now, where did I put my wellies ......
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