Smile meditation

My partner introduced to me the concept of the smile meditation many years ago now. I must admit, at first I was not keen and thought the practice a bit pretentious and annoying. I soon discovered though,  that doing the smile meditation often completely changed the energy of a situation into real laughter!  Essentially the practice is this: if you are experiencing negative emotions of any sort, put a huge smile on your face and hold it till your emotions begin to shift. This may happen straight away or it may take a while. The smile is completely fake to start with, but soon, the very fact that you are sitting with a huge maniacal grin on your face becomes hilarious and you may begin to feel the need to laugh for real! This is such a good way to shift yourself out of an angry or irritated space and move past it into a more balanced and positive mood. Try it... you may find yourself experiencing a feeling of empowerment as you take responsibility for creating your own positive reality and not being a victim of negativity!
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