The little things in life...

Today I am grateful for the little things in life. I am grateful for welly boots and coats so my little ones can wrap up warm and play in the garden, I am grateful for the first blossom in our garden, I am grateful to my big sons for doing the dishes, I am grateful to my partner for continual cups of tea and wise words, I am grateful for the Elsa Beskow books (especially 'The children of the forest) for their sweet illustrations and nature themes, that remind us to live closer to nature and get outside to play even when it is cold outside!

 I have been a bit poorly the last few days and spent hours lying on the sofa cuddled up with my hot water bottle, watching my family go about their activities as life goes on around me. I am not very good at just being still and not 'doing' anything, so sometimes my body forces me with a migraine or in this case crippling period cramps! I have so enjoyed watching the ebb and flow of the day as my kids go about their studies, work and play. I feel so privileged to be the mother of such a lovely brood.

The boys took on the mountain of dishes that had accumulated over the last couple of days, practicing Japanese phrases with each other in the process. I watched the two little ones in a waveform of different games and role playing activities. Usually I am so busy with house work, food prep, work, shopping, homeschooling etc, that I miss actually, really watching the details of their beautiful interactions with each other! Sure, there are scratchy moments through the day too, but I give so many thanks for the whole picture of our messy, patchwork life, as it is all these tiny little moments of treasure that make up a happy life!

 Today I give thanks for the little moments that make up the whole picture! I am a lucky Mama!
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